Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm starting to miss everyone roommates P1.T1.31 in kmpk... zilot yati azmeen.

my lovely niece..anis fatehah! i miss her callin "acik yaa..." n asking for 'dukung' around the house. she has a sister which is her twin named anis farhana.( but she stil cant talk!! at d age of 2!! love them~

my chomot!! but now she's my CINTA without rangga!! she's in UMP taking eng. wishing all da best for her my HER~
check out her blog..

they r all my juniors in seseri...BRASSIDIUM 1 / 2007!! missing those best moments playing n talking togetha. love together~
from left : zahida,ain,iera,rima,mumtaz,suria,anis n mint..
not in the pic : afiqah.. (anyone missing ?? think so but cant think off!! )

my tutormates!! from left : suad aka kudik, finaz, lina aka anggun, n dila aka dell
this pic was taken on d last day of biology tutor with Pn Syakirah.. ( a nice n cutie pie teacher) :) love them~
there u go..all 27 of my tutor..oops 26 i fellow is missing in action..for ALL DA TIME!..anyway TB 8 in memories!! Pn Syakirah,our biology tutor sittin at d middle... love TB 8~

and last but not leaaast...all my classmates in seseri..5 GHOSTISIA..or the official name is 5 GASTISIA..weeee.we had go through one year of hardworking,struggling..
i teringat one class kene denda sebab bising time prep!! and tht time we were suppose to make an event " tukar-tukar hadiah"!! terpaksa gak wt dlm gelap kt dataran.hahahaha! thts d best part i can think now but theres much more..

also missing teachers...miss foo (chemistry) miss maria (bm n pk HEm!!) miss zurina.miss emiza.miss miss n miss.. :P
love ALL~

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