Sunday, August 5, 2007

good bye

Kristi Widner

As time has changed and seasons have past
We've developed a bond that will forever last.

As we say good-bye to each others
We try to hold back those overpowering tears.

We remember those time that seem so long ago
As we grew up together through highs and lows.

We knew this day would eventually be here
But had no idea of its overwhelming fear.

The years have flown by but the memories remain
These faces and names will always stay the same.

So as you go out into this world unknown
Always remember there's no place like home

i found this poem and i think the situation suits me well!! as im not good in poetry as my gf so i just paste it.. hehe.. haihh..she'll be d happiest person dis wed. i can feel it!! go gurl..

im sure u gonna make it with HIM..insyaAllah. lalalala


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