Monday, December 3, 2007

so terharu...

im 19 yesterday! so? is it SWeeT to Be 19? hahaha.siapa tahuu..we'll seee

so whos d first to wish me? naa..let me list out

1) my bff - sms (12am msia tyme!)
2) my say - sms (12.01 am msia time..)
3) mai,fara (whr we were studying togetha in my room..)
4) my mom (call!)
5) etc..... (my houzmates sambil membawa their presentsss)
6) ..... blablaa .....

my first burfday whr i received a lotss of present..haihh. (it will bcome our tradition of rmh 14)
so,my present?

1) water bottle!! (coz yana broke mine ;p)
2) sweet baju color pink!! so terharuu (my say..)
3) mai (pink mug)
4) faraain (i luv u mug)
5) basit ( 2 frames of tortoise)
6) alin (mickey watch)
7) yana (she bagi lagi helo kitty tedyy today! )
8)sakaki-kunchaa (bracelet!.which i chose myself but didnt notice it)
9) ninie (purse yang we saw togetha kt mall whch we both intrested to d same one!)
10) nija n fidot (also purseee of milK TedY..girly ones!)
11) ryn ete,salma n ritaa (sweet pinky of pillow 'LOvE 4evA' )
12) dayah (a cute brooch of FLower)
13) atika (tedy bear albuMmm)
14) tymah (sensored monkey to hang at door saying "Welcomee2!")

and last but nt i received one leter from mesiaa! my cinta sent.eventhou' ill come home in 20 days (now 15)
ahaa.. BUTERFLY NECKLACE of frendzz.weee!! d butterfly is definitely she got tht another half..yaa chomot its so fren kate we're lesss!! uuueeee...

haihh..selamat juge akhirnye at last.i dah cuak ur parcel tu dh terlepas ke tgn2 durjana si MaLinGg...alhamdulillah winkss*

d onli best words to xpres now is


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