Tuesday, October 9, 2007

hepiii mode~

since yesterday n today...so far things go fine n smooothh...(hopefulli it happens all days in these 5 yrs!!)
we (students under mara in jakarta) had been invite to MAJLIS BERBUKA PUASA with MENTERI PEMBANGUNAN KOPERASI... (not sure the exact name).. dato' khaled nordin...and also pengerusi unikl.pengarah mara n duta msia diindonesia...dato' was about to giv rm 20k for our association.PKPMI
(prsatuan kebangsaan pelajar msia di indonesia) yeahh..THANX DATO' :)

kerenn giler laa! naek bus AC which is GrATis..of coz la kan..hehehe.then masuk tht hotel.its so early.by da time we arrived its stil 4.30pm...ahaa so wt else.after put our bag in a nice port..n make sure it SAFE! ahaa so me n farahin
with nini n farah began our 'journey' to xploree the GRAND HYATT...yeahh...so cool da loby.which has 2 escalators for up n down (suree la daa)
n at d center of it has a
big stairs n a nicee nice waterfall at da side of it...

there u go.....

kanak-kanak riang dalam bus...ondaway MKN SEDAP...yummyy
mejaa yg vougee!!

with Dr Goenawan yg uruskan student msia under MARA kt JAKARTA.....~

at lobby hotel b4 masuk waktu NGApp!!!

bakwan malang??? aha sodap tuh even malang..haha

*how about raya mode??? but so much to do..

[] my list 4 dis 6 days of HOLIDAY :-

- penulisan makalah ilmiah - tinjuan pustaka - submit on WED!

- transparency ppr - present on WED!

- rangkuman PBL - submit by WED!


n wt abt RAYA?? haa

1st - kedubes (kedutaan bsr) + wisma msia

2nd- kedubes (rumah terbuka duta besar dato' zainal)

3rd- raya our angkatan 2007! {at my housee} cant imagine 80 of us in onehouseee...it wil surely be gawat gamat n so on...

miss my family soo much!

abah maa...next yer ya nak raya kt umah!!! (every yer kalo bole).......heee support duet tmbg keh!


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