Wednesday, September 26, 2007

tomorrow wht wil happen??

holaa!! while others r busy preparing for tomorrow.....but me? doing new post? hehehe.hopefuli my practice with them r usefull n i can remember all d dialogue!! which is sgt sgt pentinggg n cannot play-play maa!! (...aime mesti boleh buat esok..) :P chaiyooo.
i list out my timetable esp test for this week!!
tomorow - skills lab test (7.30 - 9am)
thurs - lecture comm...
fri - test komunikasi pak william goenawan
sat - test filsafat-critical thinking pak radjiman (till 11 am)
*12.30pm - naek bus gi kedubes for prog ihya' ramdhan!!!
so people...wish me luck for tomorrow n d rest of test! ive to SCORE!! no short sem in my history..InsyaAllah....


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