Saturday, September 22, 2007


updating my blog...after about 1 month never blogging anythngg
naaa esp for my chomot :P
a DAY AT DUFAN or dunia fantasi..2 weeks ago...cant remember d date.we got 5 cewek n 1 cowok..1 cowok yang sengal n poyo. (disahkan dirinya sendiri)
aha.masuk dufan dat day 85 ribu rp. which means nearly rm40! orang sgt sgt sgt laaa ramai..any games dat we wanna play took more thn 1 hour.huh..da game TORNADO realli made our time to DUFAN worth it..walaupon mcm rase hati usus jantung sume dh terkeluar berkecai dh.....ahaaa im stil alive.WE stil ALIVE!!! :'/

key enough abt dufan..wait for the next post yach! daa~

waiting turn for TORNADO..almost 2 hours!!

roller coaster yg pendekk tp ttp chalenging!! tinggal roh kt blkg je raserrrr.....errrgh

me n fara..b4 we rollll!!

kenyang perut suke ati!! tahan perut dr pagi (hanya beralaskan pop miee ayam) last dpt nasi mcd....then we went back HOME!!!

me n salmaa (evil??!! not at all)

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